I have a beautiful natured harlequin Great Dan…

I have a beautiful natured harlequin Great Dane who is 3 in March . We adopted him two years ago November . He’s fantastic with children dogs people and is now housetrained . He knows commands but he has two faults he hates traffic or loud noises … truck.. fireworks especially and if he’s out will do a 360 on his lead . He’s pulled me over once in a road which is worrying ..how can I go about correcting this .. he also pulls on a normal lead so I use a Halti and lead . He weighs 12st

It sounds as if your dog has some noise sensitivity issues. I would approach it with “kit gloves” working on getting him to understand a solid SIT or DOWN command firstly. Once he can do this without moving for a few minutes even without you being around or near him. I would then begin by rattling different noises, little by little and increasing in the sound (loudness) and frequencies of the sound.

I know in the first few (err many times) he’ll begin to get up from his command, but I’d start over and do it again and again until you can get the noise loud enough that he would stay in command while the noise is going on.

What you want your dog to understand is that the noise isn’t going to affect him in any manner. By redirecting his mind with an obedience command. Lots of times when he’s startled, a person would begin to rub and praise him thinking this is calming him down but what you’re really doing is praising him for the behavior that he’s exhibiting and continuing to perpetuate the problem.

Hope this helped, keep me posted