I just rescued a 2year old bulldog and when I …

I just rescued a 2year old bulldog and when I was meeting her I didn’t really think anything when she growled when she had the treat because it seemed like possession growling. Now that I’ve got her home she won’t stop growing. It’s not aggressive at all because if I pet her she softens her face and wiggles her tail. Right now I’m laying with her in bed and she’s nestled up by my leg and snuggling but won’t stop growling and barking. Could you help me understand why please?

Sounds as if your dog is a vocalizer, where she has to bark, growl, and or make some kind of noise to get her point across. You mentioned in your message that she’s doing it while you are writing the post and that you went to grab her face and she calmed down.

She’s learned that if she vocalizes herself, someone will pay attention to her and praise her even if it’s an indirect praise.

If you feel she’s truly not actually trying to bite you then you can begin by doing these next few things.

Don’t pay attention to her vocalizing. In fact, redirect her with a SIT command when she does it. She’ll look at you wide eye initially cause you’ll be stopping her “making noise” and making her sit there instead. Keep doing so over and over again til she gets the picture that when she makes noise you’re making her SIT.

As an example as you said she’s on your bed and becomes vocal again, take her off the bed and redirect her with a SIT command and ignore her. St some point she’ll begin to realize that you’re not interacting with her for the noise she makes but because you truly like her company.

Hope this helped, keep me posted