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#Repost @ozzietheshepherd with @get_repost
PLEASE READ. For inspiration. #tbt THANK GOD! shewww…… And this was not me it was trainer #4 who thought I’d try a positive social walks😫bless her heart it was in the right place but didnt take me long to figure this was not for Ozzie. Im so proud how far we have come as he would also go at people (with not as much intensity) and those who approached me ahhhh! This boy i am So PROUD of him and I have learnt so much along the ways I have to give so much credit to trainer #7 @stevethedogtrainer for educating, pushing and showing me along with my handling skills well building my and Ozzies confidence. I always seen so much more good than bad in Ozzie at home he was the perfect boy. Stuff comes into our lives for a reason to teach us, or learn,or make us stronger for things to come and bring us where we are. THERE IS ALWAYS A TOP TO THE BOTTOM OF THE VALLEY WE JUST HAVE TO CLIMB OUR WAY UP THERE💪💪😀Have a great Thursday all our friends😘. #throwbackthursday #inspirationalthoughts #gsd #workingdogs #lifelessons #blackgermanshep #dogtrainingtips #instadog #videooftheday #lovemydog #germanshepherds #blackgsd #crazydog (at Garden Grove, California)