The perfect crop can be the perfect flop! Ear …

The perfect crop can be the perfect flop! Ear cropping can come with mixed emotions. Some think it’s inhumane while others wouldn’t recognize a breed unless its ears were cropped. A step by step of what you should know about cropping your pets ears.

First make sure pup is up to date on shots and ideally be between 9 and 12 weeks of age, older dogs can be cropped but it’s more complicated. Before surgery, be sure to withhold food for 12 hrs as it can cause vomiting and aspiration (inhaling of its vomit)

A qualified Veterinarian will go over the style of crop and which will best fit your dog. During surgery, ears will bleed as they are quite vascular. Once cut and styled the ears are sutured. A couple hours out of surgery, your pup will be ready to go home where the real care begins. Ears can bleed for a few days after surgery. They will be sore and painful to touch or when your pup attempts to scratch at the sutures.

Throughly removing scabs will speed up the recovery process by half the time. Ears can be cleaned using peroxide, drenching on a paper towel and wiping the scabs off. Once scabs are removed, some bleeding will happen. Use a triple antibiotic ointment prescribed by your vet to moisten and protect the dogs ears. Missing a day of cleaning can cause excess scabbing. Genetics plays a role as well as length and style of ear crop. Breeds like Pit Bulls and Cane Corso will stand faster than a Great Dane.

This part takes a lot of patience,
taping of the ears. Taping begins once sutures are off, the process of taping can take upwards to a couple of months depending on style and breed. Taping should only be done by a professional, if the taping is too tight irreversible problems will occur, if done too loose, they’ll never never stand up correctly.

If the tape gets wet, take them off immediately as an infection can happen. If they are coming off, take them all the way off and take the dog to be re-taped.

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