His name is Vinny a purebred French Bulldog wi…

His name is Vinny a purebred French Bulldog with cropped ears, loved by Susan and Barry of Yorba Linda Ca. This is his story.

My ex daughter in law had a litter of Frenchies. At 6wks she allowed the puppies to be shown, Vinny the pick of litter. A gentleman made arrangements to view the puppies at 3pm. He called throughout the day to move the time citing family issues, finally arriving at 8:45pm. 45 mins into viewing he became antsy and nervous, picking Vinny up & tucking him under his coat running out the front door. Vinny was stolen and a police report was filed.

A few months later a Frenchie breeder in Santa Ana Ca. received a call for her pups. Upon arrival a man looking for a pup, ran out the house shoving the owner out the way with the mother of the pups in his arms. A police report was filed and after putting the stories together found that the same guy had stolen both dogs catching him 5 months later.

Vinny was returned but with his ears cropped. Knowing he couldn’t be sold in his altered condition, my granddaughter pleaded with me to come see and possibly adopt him. I wasn’t prepared for a dog as my mother and sister both diagnosed with cancer had recently moved in. With a full plate I knew it’d be much to add a 5 month old pup but the minute I layed eyes on Vinny “it was love at first sight” and he hasn’t left my side since.

Vinny has had his share of health issues. He’s lost some hearing in his ears and has developed eye ulcers requiring graphs where he’s loss some sight but you wouldn’t know it as he’s happy, funny and loved by everyone he meets. Vinny’s loves other dogs especially Biscuit, the Boston. Every time we come from shopping he’s checking bags for a new ball having at least 100 already. He sleeps with his paw like a pacifier and plays a ‘ratting’ game i’d never seen a dog do before. We thought he had a mental disorder as he’s so intense! One of my faves is the way he walks on a leash prancing on his tip toes to look taller as my protector. They’re many more stories could tell about Vinny but in the end we love him.

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